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01772780767 or +8801772780767

* Md khan added 20/05/2022
Fbbid no Login. I originally wrote this on the German website but the moderator moved my comment here. I'm so dumb!


01712755045 or +8801712755045

Tanha * added 20/05/2022
I know this number, it belongs to Nasir Beef Corner in Rajshahi.


01943895152 or +8801943895152

Maaryam * added 20/05/2022
And who is this Nasir Hossin and why do I have a missed call from his phone number?


01916252317 or +8801916252317

Wasi * added 20/05/2022
This is the phone number where you can call the Naterkona Clinic in Jaria Jhanjail.


01717446578 or +8801717446578

Abir * added 20/05/2022
This is the phone number of the National Gas Trading gas station in Sreemangal. They also have two more phone numbers, 01711910135 and 01711191224.


031623713 or +88031623713

Ririko * added 20/05/2022
This is the lab's phone number of National Hospital and Sigma Lab Ltd. in Chittagong.


0179683980 or +880179683980

* nusrat added 19/05/2022
mmmad - that's all I can say about this phone number! I originally wrote this on the German website but the moderator moved my comment here. I'm so dumb!


01730929992 or +8801730929992

Shameem * added 19/05/2022
I Googled that this phone number belongs to the National Librery bookstore in Kulaura. Probably Abdul Mintu is the owner of this store.


029112084 or +88029112084

Saliha * added 19/05/2022
I got a call from the phone number 029112084. Allegedly from the National Museum of Science and Technology in Dhaka. But I checked and found out that the Museum of Science and Technology has a phone number of 01673870380. Then who called me from a landline?


01711904756 or +8801711904756

Mahadi * added 19/05/2022
This phone number belongs to Natore City Heliport.